Has work become more insecure and unequal? Custom Essay

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Write an essay on the topic specified above. Your essay must address the following questions.
? What is the difference between inequality and insecurity and how can these phenomena be explained theoretically?
? How does inequality and insecurity affect different social groups?
? Has work become more unequal and/or insecure in Canada?
? What causes inequality in the labour market? In other words, what are the ;major explanations for inequality in the labour market and which are most; persuasive?
? Finally, which government and employer policies appear to be the most;effective in reducing work-related inequalities and insecurities?

Assignment 2 gives you the opportunity to develop your own arguments and draw your own conclusions. Make certain, however, that when you present your own position, you support it with material from the assigned readings and you own additional research. Make specific reference to the assigned readings in Unit 3, citing material from the textbook and at least two assigned articles from the other course readings. You must include citations for any quotations or direct references to specific course materials?you may use endnotes, which is the method used in the course textbook and reader. You must also include a full bibliography of all materials consulted. For your bibliography, use APA style. In text citation for where the idea originated from in APA format.

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