Have to be on chronological order of Ericson stages about “my life”: How my life Began Custom Essay

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Several clues are like:-family information about your family at the time when your mother was pregnant with you, what do you know about

this time in your development?
-What do you know about your mother’s pregnancy?
-Describe your family at the time of your birth.
-Do you know about your birth?
-What do you know about your first years of life?
-Gather any information available about your developmental milestones.
Early years:
1. This is how people describe me as a child, and how I saw myself.
2. Some of my favorite games, toys, or ways to entertain myself were:
3.I would describe each of my brothers, sisters, or cousins when we ere young this way.
4. Some of my mother’s traits that I admired or appreciated were:
5. If I had any trouble with my mother growing up.
5. So0me of my father’s traits that I admired or appreciated were>
6.If I had any trouble with my father while I was young, it was in this area:
7. My parents felt strongly about passing on these lessons:
8.This gift really sticks in my memory:
9.I remember our house, neighborhood, and family car this way:
Think about your experiences with Erickson’s Psychological stages of development in your childhood. Write about the following:
What is my experience with:
Trust vs. Mistrust?
Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt?
Industry vs. Inferiority?
A habit, characteristic, or value I picked up during my early years was…
Describe the type(s
) of attachment you had with your significant caregivers:
How would you describe your temperament?
What style of parenting did your parents have and how did it affected you?
What were your favorite play activities?Do you have any favorite playtime experience? Any negative experiences?
How would you describe your temperament?(Easy, Slow to Warm-Up, Difficult)Explain.
What do you remember about the way you thought about the world?(e.g.I used to think that hills grew into mountains).

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