Health Care Reform Policy Position Custom Essay

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Write a position paper on President Obama’s health care reform policy. Take a stand either for or against it. The Affordable Care Act was signed into law in March of 2010. Do you believe it has been and will continue to be successfully implemented? Defend your position in detail. Thoroughly discuss how this has impacted the health care industry and society as a whole and will in the future as it is implemented more completely. Your opinion either for or against this topic will not be what is graded, but the clarity of and the well-reasoned level of your argument are what will be graded. •Provide a brief summary of Obama’s health care reform policy.
•State your position either for or against it and discuss the following:
?Has his policy been and will continue to be successfully implemented?
?How has this impacted the health care industry? How will it impact the industry in the future?
?How has this impacted society? How will it impact society in the future?
•Please include a minimum of 2 outside scholarly/professional references to back up your opinion. Scholarly references include those that are intended for the professional audience and are generally from professional journals.

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