High Team Performance Custom Essay

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The topic of the paper is high performance teams; you are to write a position paper on them.
Directions for Term Paper
You have been asked by the president of your organization (You can make one up) to develop a position paper on the forming of high performance teams in Your organization.
A position paper is your recommendation on what to do; you are being asked to Research the topic present data, draw conclusions and make recommendations with pros And cons and action steps necessary.
He has heard about high performance teams and wants you to research what they are and Whether or not your company should be utilizing them The position paper must include information on: (you are not to answer the Following as separate questions but incorporate the answers into a succinct Document. In the form of a position paper)
What, if any, changes will be necessary in organizational culture and structure?
What, if any, changes will be necessary in the management decision processes?
The conditions, attributes, and factors necessary for a performance team to become a high Performance team.
What training will be necessary?
Who will need training?

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