How Cellini reacted to his sculpture Perseus being used as a symbol of Cosimo I’s power over republican Florence both as a Florentine and an artis Custom Essay

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This is a research paper for a 300 level art history course. The paper should mainly based on one specific art work, in this case is Benvenuto Cellini’s bronze sculpture Perseus placed at Loggia dei Lanzi. I already had an abstract for this paper. And I also have a list of bibliography attached to it. You are welcomed to use the bibliography, but according to the feedback from the prof to this abstract, there are some mistakes on the format of the bibliography. And I don’t mind you adding any other resources if you need to. Hopefully you can do the paper related to my abstract. But the problem is , my pro said my abstract is hard to follow, and as a research paper, I should find something else besides what we learnt in class to do research and talk about it. So what we discussed in class was mainly about Perseus’s function as a public sculpture in Florence at the time. In my abstract, I was trying to say I want to do research on Cellini’s own reaction towards his sculpture as a political public sculpture. But the prof seemed didn’t like the topic, or maybe my writing was just too hard to follow that he couldn’t even get what I meant. Anyway, if you find my topic is really hard to do, you may pick your own. It’s just the art piece has to be Cellini’s Perseus. And I would appreciate if you could send me the topic you have picked once you decided. Like one or two sentences just let me know what direction you are heading to. I am going to send the brief request to this paper from the prof and my own abstract to you.

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