HRM issue – Training, Development, Performance Appraisal (any international company) Custom Essay

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First Choose an International Company
Prepare a research paper on a topical HRM issue given below:

� Training, Development, Performance Appraisal:

– choose a training gap and built a training course for an International Company
– research self-managed career development programs for an International Company
– compare/contrast on-line and face/face performance appraisal systems for two International Companies
– prepare a proposal for an improved training program for an International Company

*Cover all the point given above

Paper Criteria:

Research paper should be approximately 7-8 pages, double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12 point. Content is more important than the number of pages.
it is a research report. This research paper should include a number of authorities and other credible sources (properly cited).
Use a professional, business writing style: clear, concise, and plain language.
Use Harvard Formatting and Style Guide
Include a 1 page executive summary as the first section of your report.
Use descriptive headings and include a table of contents with page numbers.

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