Human resource manager for fitness center looking to hire fitness trainer custom essay

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I am doing a project for human resource management class and hypothetically I am the hiring manager for a fitness center looking to hiring a fitness trainer. Each of these bullet-ed questions needs to be answered in detail.

?Which candidate(s) would you hire?
?What information most drives that judgment?
?How would you rank order the information in terms of importance to your decision?
?Consider Do you think this is easier than the previous exercise (Hiring a CEO), which doesn?t provide as much detailed information on selection measures?

?What kinds of measures will you use for your 2 K?s, 2 S?s, 2 A?s, & 2 O?s? (KSAOs stands for knowledge, skills, ability, and other characteristics)
?Make up one or two detailed samples of each
?Explain why these are good measures
?Ensure that you clearly match each KSAO with its specific measure
?A year or so down the road, you will want to check the validity of your measures, to know whether or not to continue using them. Describe exactly what steps you will take to validate your set of measures.
?Does your strategy have drawbacks?

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