Islamic Revival: The Iranian Revolution, State Building, Social Movements, and Islamic trans-nationalism Custom Essay

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1) Identification of key points//main ideas of each reading.
2) Contrast and comparison between relevant and related reading materials when a comparison is appropriate.
3) Avoid long quotations, and provide page citation.
4) Must type the names of authors in Bold.
5) Read the readings and write the reviews in the sequence in which they appear on the Syllabus in order to maintain the flow of your engagement with the topic at hand.
6) For the Video/Audio lectures (or conversations) or Video Documentaries that are assigned for a review, you need to focus, as is the case with the readings, on identifying a few main ideas and key points of a lecture, interview, or documentary under the review. Please note that Videos/Audios are not usually included in the reviews unless it is indicated in the Notes on Review which is available in each section.
7) A minimum of a 5 page Review (no more than 7 pages) for each Section on assigned readings/materials is mandatory. The Review must be typed in double- spaced, one inch margins, with font 12 format.
8) Save as a word document

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