Ideological Stance in Content Area Instruction Custom Essay

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The reference source must be: Vacca, R., Vacca, J. & Mraz. M. (2011). Content Area Reading. Literacy and Learning Across
the Curriculum. (10th Ed.) Pearson Education Inc.
Content area
The second reference source is second language learning theories by Rosamond Mitchell & Florence Myles
The teacher’s instructions for the essay are:
1.Focus your presentation on how you will provide equity and access to content understanding and literacy in English, given the ELL students’ socio-political, socio-cultural, socio-economic and linguistic backgrounds.
2.Formulate your philosophy of teaching, and be prepared to synthesize the concepts from courses you have completed through connections between those courses and pedagogical practice in TESOL.
3.Incorporate your view on learning theory(ies) and other concepts learned in this course to promote equity and access for all secondary or adult English learners.
4.Include the theoretical perspectives on literacy from this course and courses from your previous terms that will inform your pedagogical choices in the classroom.

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