Implementation and Impact of Judicial Policies Custom Essay

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1. Briefly summarize the content of the reading ****** (file to use is dec5-Implementation Carp ch. 14.pdf) ****** 2. Identify the author?s argument. Do you find it persuasive and well constructed? Why or why not? 3. Place the subject of the reading and the author?s argument in context with other class readings. You must reference at least one other course reading, you are free to reference more than one if you wish. If two separate readings are assigned for the same class reading, they only count as one reading (i.e. you cannot compare one chapter to another if they are both assigned for the same day). ********* (file to reference is dec3-Stephenson Campaigns and the Courts.pdf) ********** 4. Tie the week?s subject and the author?s argument to current Judicial activities. Connect the theoretical insights of the authors to how the Judiciary actually operates. To do this, find an article in a newspaper or magazine discussing some facet of current Judicial news. Possible places to look for Judicial news stories: Newspapers such as The New York Times, and news aggregation sites like, U.S. Courts ?Inside the Judiciary?, SCOTUS Blog

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