In “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry,” how does Whitman “invent” himself Custom Essay

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Answer each of the following questions (Some questions have several parts, be sure to address each part in your response) . Each response must quote the text at least once using in-text citations and be a minimum of 120-150 words (The quoted material does not count toward your word count). These are supposed to be reflective questions where you discuss your understanding of the text. Do NOT conduct outside research by looking information up online. You can use the stories read and any information from your textbook. Use APA formatting.
1. In “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry,” how does Whitman “invent” himself?
2. In “Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking,” who is the “messenger?” What is the significance of the “messenger’s” appearance?
3. “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County:” What is the significance of the names of Smiley’s animals? Some animals do not have names, what might that signify?
4. How does “The Yellow Wall-paper” explore oppression? What is the protagonist’s relationship with her husband? Why is this relationship significant?
5. How is death personified in Dickinson’s “I Could Not Stop For Death?”
6. What is the “beast in the jungle?” How does it ‘pounce’ on John Marcher when he least expectsit?
7. What does it mean to be kept “Under the Lion’s Paw?” How does this impact the protagonist’s search for the American Dream? 8. Compare and contrast the oppression in “The Yellow Wall-paper” and “Under the Lion’s Paw.”

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