In its Statement of Principles the Accounting Standards Board (ASB) states that financial statements custom essay

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Using examples from at least 2 sets of UK plc accounts from 2010 or 2011, discuss the extent to which you think that financial statements generally satisfy the four criteria above.

Maximum Length: 1,100 words, excluding the List of References and the Bibliography.

For an introduction to the Statement of Principles see p45 of this workbook (( I WILL UPLOAD THE FILE FOR YOU TO SEE IT))

For assistance with academic writing and referencing see the Guides available on the Blackboard site for this module. (( I WILL UPLOAD THE FILE FOR YOU TO SEE IT))

Remember that all sources, not just quotes, must be referenced at the time used. You must not just list the references used at the end of the assignment.

Copies of annual reports can be obtained free at:

Basis of Assessment:-

– Understanding of criteria demonstrated
– Analysis of how financial statements meet or do not meet the criteria
– Examples from accounts given to illustrate points made
– Articulation of student’s own views
– Detailed introduction
– Detailed conclusion with summary of findings
– Quality of research
– Satisfactory attribution and referencing of sources when used
– Quality of writing
– Clear presentation
– Correct grammar and spelling

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