In what stage of development is FireArt’s strategy team? What characteristics of the team point to this stage of development? Do you believe Eric Holt is an eff custom essay

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Your report should contain the following:
o A brief executive summary
o A table of contents
o A brief introduction
o Body of the report containing separate sections for each of the three questions. You should apply appropriate headings to each of these sections (do NOT repeat the question or use Question 1, 2 or 3, as these are not deemed to be appropriate headings) Include a Literature Review relevant to the questions
o A brief conclusion that ties all of the information in the body of the report together; and
o A reference list and bibliography.

Note: Body text font of the final report should be 12 point Arial, 1.5. spaced. Referencing is the Harvard system. Plagiarism should be avoided. Please also be aware of Copyright Information.

References sources (trade journal articles, academic articles, industry reports) are expected. A literature review should be your own work as a group. If you make reference to a concept, other authors have written or researched you must acknowledge their work (i.e. reference their work).

The report should not exceed 10% of the words limit. In a research report, the early sections of the report contain background information on the topic, which is relevant to the research (problem) at hand. A literature review is also undertaken to understand the key constructs (i.e. theory) that should be examined so that the information gathered may be relevant as described above.

The written assessment is worth 25% toward subject and has a 2200 word requirement. Word limit varying more/less than 10% will be penalized. Please indicate the word count on the cover page. It is highly recommended to read through the assessment criteria before submitting your assignment.

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When my writer works on this case study i would like him or her to consider that this case going to be handled in an Australian educational institution so it need to be meet with the australian standards and it should be based on the textbook we are using for this subject and some research from australian websites.

Please do not forget that its going to be made for an international student so it should be simplifield, but should meet the criteries it has been provided in the case study outline.
For additional. For referencing we use the harvard system of referencing.

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