Inclusive Practices – Classroom Programming Custom Essay

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This assignment requires the planning of an in-class or a learning-context project. It provides an opportunity for you to apply the learning from this course to your school or classroom focusing on the topic, design a project for your school or classroom that will enhance inclusive opportunities for a specific student, or students, with impairment or disability. Your project needs to be informed by course themes (i.e. Inclusive schools – collaboration Inclusive schools – student groupings, Legislation, Inclusive education policy ), and by contemporary literature in inclusive educational practices. The report of your project needs to include: 1. Rationale for the project 2. Brief review of the literature 3. Description of your project 4. Evaluation strategy. Criteria that I WANT TO MEET: 1-RATIONALE: Clear justification for topic; context for project explicitly outlined. 2REPORT: STRUCTUREAims plainly described; project clearly outlined; coherent and logical structure 3-PROJECT CONTENT:Project clearly linked to the literature and inclusion; comprehensive discussion of the approaches used; deep analysis. 4-MECHANICS:Writing style simple and scholarly; grammar/spelling correct; APA style adopted. The project requires you to focus on something practical and to design an intervention that you or another teacher would be able to implement in a classroom or school. The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your understanding of inclusive practice. You will show me through your intervention design that you can put into practice what you have been reading about throughout the course. This is NOT a theoretical essay. It is NOT a critique of a specific strategy (although you will need to draw on the literature to justify your choice of intervention).

NOTE: I can give you more than three weeks to finish this task, however, before you start working on it I want to see the outline of the program. I will attach a template for the outline. I need this outline next week.
Also, I will attached some readings about the topic.

If you have any inquiry or question please feel free to ask.

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