Inclusive Practices: Current Issues in Inclusive Education in the Eyes of Children Custom Essay

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For the following article “Equal is not Enough – Current Issues in Inclusive Education in the Eyes of Children”(I will upload the article):
1. Critique & Describe; *The research problem, question(s), or hypotheses
* The research purpose
* The type of design and elements of the design(e.g.,sample, data analysis, operationalization of constructs)
*Threats to validity and if there are any, how they were addressed
*The findings and their implications
* Note if the article makes a compelling case for the meaning and significance of the finding.

2.Using that same article, assess how you might conduct the research study differently by addressing:
*The research questions
*The research purpose
*Type of design and elements of the design (e.g., sample, the type of data you need to collect and how you will collect it, data analysis)
*The strengths and weaknesses of your envisioned design and methods
*IF Quantitative: threats to validity and how your design will address them
*IFQuantitative: the constructs you will measure and what you will do in order to determine how to operationalize them (you need not identify specific measures)
*IF Qualitative: your means of ensuring the quality of your findings
*Your methods of data analysis
*How the data you collect will enable you to answer your research question and contribute to theory.

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