Individual Personal Development Strategic Plan Custom Essay

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1. The mega-trends that will influence and frame the context of my life and career achievements.
2. My goals for my career and, if I choose, my lifestyle
3. The scenarios (at least two) that I envisage will flow from those megatrends, and within which my career goals can be achieved.
4. The key strategies (minimum 3) I will employ to deliver the outcomes such as salary, professional recognition, workplace location, and lifestyle.
5. Use Porters five forces model to assess what forces will have most impact on my chosen career and adjust strategies to reflect how I will compensate or benefit from those forces.
6. Conduct a self assessment against two standards one such as Engineers Australia’s Eng Exec., competency baseline for strategic management, and one other.(I will need to conduct research to establish at least one other standard.)
7. Set me, five, ten and twenty year goals, in terms of measurable outcomes for each goal, based on the strategic management standard I prefer.
8. Assess my current performance as a Human Resource asset and the performance gap that my strategies and related projects will have to address to achieve my plan, This could be in terms of,
o Functionality, (leadership, behaviour, communications ability),
o Condition (fitness, health, )
o Compliance (qualifications, certification, training,)
9. Provide a summary strategic plan with outline costs for the investment in my education, skill and personal development to achieve my plan over the next 10 years. (Include a bar chart of activities and estimated cash flow pa.).
10. Provide a statement of my next steps in delivering the plan I propose.

Hint; keep the structure inside my assignment as I put it.
1. Introduction
2. Megatrends
2.1 Globalization
2.2 Governance
2.3 Economic trends
2.4 Electronic resources

3. Career goals
(Please don’t write this part as points similar in sample file).
(Please write this part as paragraph)
4. Scenarios
4.1 First scenario
4.2 Second scenario

5. Key strategies
5.1 Personality development classes
5.2 Seminar and presentation
5.3 Leadership development training
5.4 Education

6. Porters five forces
6.1 Bargaining power of buyers
6.2 Rivalry among existing players
6.3 Bargaining power of Supplies
6.4 Threat of new entrants
6.5 Threat of substitute products

7. Self assessment
7.1 Australia’s engineering executive
7.2 Business Case

8. Long term goals
8.1 Five year goals
8.2 Ten year goals
8.3 Twenty year goals

9. Performance Assessment and strategies
9.1 Functionality
9.2 Condition
9.3 Compliance
10. Summary strategic plan
(Please don�t write this part on tables similar in sample file).

11. Statement
12. Reference
Some information about me to know what you write
I am a Teaching Assistant at the University of King Abdul Aziz
Now, I am studying Master degree. After that I will study PhD degree and then I’ll go back to my work at the University of King Abdul Aziz..

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