Informatics; “What would some of the restraining forces and driving forces be?” Custom Essay

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1. Consider the contributions of change, system, chaos, cognitive and sociotechnical theories to the evolution of informatics theory. Think of planning a technological enhancement at your workplace or a healthcare facility with which you are familiar that currently uses a clinical information system. What would some of the restraining forces and driving forces be? What are your perceptions of the support given by nurses to the use and promotion of technology? Is there a positive or negative atmosphere surrounding the implementation of new technology?

Criteria Comments Possible Score Student Score
1. Provide an introductory paragraph, summarizing the theoretical foundation of informatics
2. Discuss restraining, driving forces, nursing support of technological advancement, atmosphere
3. Evaluation of electronic health system/ computerized information system; strengths, weaknesses, meaningful use
4. Strategy for optimization of system to resolve identified weaknesses
5. Cite at least four scholarly resources

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