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Assessment 2: CASE Study Innovation and Business
The objective of this assignment is to require students to apply the models, techniques and processes studied in this subject to a business plan for innovation
Each group is required to complete a business plan report of up to 1500 words
1. Drawing mainly on the techniques of the value proposition and value curve innovation, identify the following questions:

The companys present value proposition
Plot the companys value proposition on a value curve

2. Drawing on your understanding gained from section 2 above, and subsequent analysis and discussion, develop:
A new value proposition for the company ; apply the ERRC (eliminate, reduce, raise and create)
Plot the new value proposition on a value curve
An explanation of how this innovation would enhance the day in the life of the customer
An overview of how this innovation could be delivered profitably
Note: assessment is based on evidence of the groups application of the innovation techniques and tools explored in this subject.
: Tutorials (1500-2000wds)

In response to your questions regarding assessment 2:

The company that you choose can be :

2. another existing company, or
3. a new company of your own creation.

If you are creating a new company, then the value curve will be compared to other competitors in the industry.

If you choose an existing company, plot the current value curve then propose your new value curve based on (ERRC) application and plot the proposed curve.

Please write it in a simple words, english is my 2nd languge.

1) Business Plan Outline
2) Value innovation

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