Islamic Mysticism Unit 11 Course Work custom essay

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*Please use the sources provided.* *Please answer each question separately.* *Each answer must be 3/4 of a page long, please* *Please use sources that are listed in the question!*

Activity 11.1: Teaching mysticism in the West

Read Inayat Khans Mysticism in Life and critically assess how his approach to teaching Islamic mysticism differs from classical teachings of the Sufis.

You are not expected to read all of this article, but to select points that are relevant to the question.

Activity 11.2: The Perennialist interpretation of Islamic mysticism

Read pps 10-17 of Jean-Pierre Lafouges Seyyed Hossein Nasr in the Context of the Perennialist School. Critically compare Frithjof Schuons conception of the relationship between the exoteric and esoteric in Islam with that of orthodox Sufi conception of Sharīa, tarīqa and haqīqa.

Activity 11.3: Between Heidegger and Islamic mysticism

Read the interview with Henry Corbin with Philippe Nemo, from The phenomenon of meaning…. up to the end of point 2. Critically appraise Corbins theory on how a bridge may be built between Heidegger and Islamic mysticism.

Review Question 11.3:

Critically compare Heideggers concept of reality and truth with that found in Islamic mystical teachings.

Review Question 11.4:

Critically analyse how social responsibility is linked to the realisation of tawhīd in the thought of Imām Khomeinī

Review Question 11.5:

Compare the state of Sufism at the end of the late nineteenth century with that at the end of late twentieth century. Critically evaluate the idea that traditional Sufism is the cure for the psycho-spiritual sicknesses of the post-modern world.

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