Job Description; Design the Job Description Psychology Custom Essay

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Complete the three parts of the assessment listed below. Your paper should be a minimum of 750 words in length and formatted according to APA format guidelines. Be sure to include a minimum of two scholarly research articles within your paper.
For this assignment, you will select one of the three jobs below and design the job description, determine selection methods for the job and how you would evaluate performance on the job. Select the job of a payroll clerk, receptionist or cashier for this assignment.
Part 1: Design a job description for the job you have selected. You can use this job description template:| to develop your job description. Be sure to discuss the knowledge, skills and abilities that are required for the job you have selected.
Part 2: Discuss which tests (assessing job related knowledge, skills and abilities) could assist with employee selection. Provide a rationale for your test selections. This section should describe what tools you would use to select applicants for a job.
Part 3: Determine an appraisal method for the job. Be sure to support why the appraisal method was chosen. Explore the components of the appraisal method and how it fits best with this particular job.

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