Judging people by their looks and speech Custom Essay

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Many people claim that they can easily guess another person ethnic background by
simply looking at them or listening to their English. Can you do that?
Seriously, how do you guess ethnicity of a stranger? In most cases we don’t
pay too much attention to this issue: after all we are human beings. However, many
people do sometimes express curiosity about another person’s background. And
let’s be honest: many of us guess all the time. The easiest way to make sure is to
ask: “Where are you from?” and many of us here this all the time. However, what
if you don’t have a chance or don’t want to ask this question? How do you guess?

Write a brief report about how other people make judgments and guess about your ethnic or birth origin.

How often do other people guess your birth origin (West Virginia, New Jersey, Somalia, El Salvador, Pakistan, etc.)?

What do people usually say, without knowing you, about where you are from?

Do you pay most attention to the way you speak or to something else, like clothes or jewelry you wear?

Are they usually correct in their guessing and what do they say when they make a mistake?

Do you sometimes trick people about your origin?

Finally, how do you guess other people’s ethnic backgro

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