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1. Select a field of law of personal interest to you (professionally or simply personally) that is, somehow relating to contractual, business, employement or regulatory matters within the healthcare delivery system.
2. Use any search engine you are comfortable with to locate a suitable appellate opinion. 3. Appropriate judicial holdings include those of the US Supreme Court, highest appellate tribunals of the states or state intermediate appellate courts, or of the Federal courts of appeal. In addition, procurement and contracting opinions from the highest relevant appellate tribunals are also acceptable
4. Please prepare an opinion analysis along the following briefing lines, more or less: a) Identify the case clearly (including tribunal and date); b) summarize the facts very briefly; what is the basis for the legal dispute before the court; in sum, what is this case all about in its distilled essence; c) discuss the court’s holding; d) analyze the tribunal’s analysis; how did the court justify its holding (and were there any dissents filed?); what was the stated relationship between the key facts cited and the applicable law used by the majority court opinion; and e) what does this case have to say to us about the legal big picture, that is, how does this case conform to or fit into the wider body of relevant law and precedents.

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