Legal Research Memo custom essay

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This assignment requires you to conduct research, evaluate your client’s case in light of your research, and write a legal memorandum to your supervising attorney summarizing your findings.

Please make sure you are using proper blue book citations in the annotated bibliography and legal memorandum.

The one assignment is divided into two sections with section two divided into sub sections, which results in one cumulative project. Both assignment are using a fact pattern that has been uploaded.

Assignment one: Annotated (critical or analytical) Bibliography- Two ? Three pages. See instructions after the Fact Pattern/ Client Notes

Assignment two: Read Fact Pattern/Client Notes and Note from Supervising Attorney

Part A: Research Strategy- No More than 2 pages double space 12 font Times New Roman. See instructions after Notes from Supervising Attorney

Part B: Research Table- No More than 2 pages double space 12 font Times New Roman. Each citation in the table must be formatted in accordance with bluebook style. Instruction for what is to be included in the table is found after Notes from Supervising Attorney

Part C- Legal Memorandum- See Instruction for Memo after Notes from Supervising Attorney.

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