Location and Layout Strategies

You should now have a better understanding of your organization, its products/services, and its approach to quality. The fifth portion of your project allows you to use Microsoft PowerPoint to describe and illustrate the following in a 4-8 slide PowerPoint presentation: Points to be CoveredDescribe the layout and/or location of the operations management process. Draw the layout of the process. (Use examples from your book as a guide to create your drawing.) Explain the effectiveness of this process. Include a title slide and reference slide. Submission InstructionsSubmit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.Save your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.pptx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:Heizer, J. & Render, B. Operations Management, (11th ed.)Chapters 8 and 9

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