Major Components: Focused nutrition assessment and a report Custom Essay

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Collecting the Subjective Information.
Prepare a dialogue with questions
Collecting the Objective Findings.
Explain your process and technique in writing
Communicating/Presenting the Findings.
Write a written report of your findings

Collecting the Subjective Information
Prepare a dialogue with questions

This includes the Review of System for the specific body system assigned.
What questions would you ask?
What would be pertinent positives or negatives?
What answers would concern you?
Current/ Past Medical/Surgical History/ Social History.
What would be important to know?
Collecting the Objective Findings
Explain your process and technique in writing- address the following:
What tools/equipment will you need?
What body parts are you going to evaluate?
What order will you perform your assessment and collect the data in?
What technique will you use and how will you use the equipment?
For cultural/spiritual- your tools will be written tools/forms (Examples: EACAT and FICA).
Communicating/Presenting the Findings

Write a written report of your findings
How will you document the findings?
What findings would you want to report to the Health Care Provider managing the clients care?

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