Major Essay on Ritual :Pilgrimage custom essay

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Write an essay on the following issues.
What is pilgrimage? From your reading identify key features of pilgrimage that emerge as central. What is the role of pilgrimage in religious life? Which seems to be the most convincing theory of why people go on pilgrimage? make reference to examples from a range of traditions in your answer exploring the ways in which the pilgrimage interrelates with other elements of the tradition.

Key components of this assignment:
• A well structured answer to the question supported by the sources used
• The quality of argument, with reflection on, and understanding of, the topics
• A solid conclusion
• Use of a range of relevant academic sources all must be formal references (books and refereed academic scholarly journal articles of good academic quality.)
• Presentation in paragraph format, clear expression, use of in-text referencing with page numbers, inclusion of bibliography
• Critical reading of the assigned readings
• At least 12 references must be used and not just the assigned readings

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