Make a to-do list for tomorrow. List eight things you would like to do tomorrow Custom Essay

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Make a to-do list for tomorrow. List eight things you would like to do tomorrow. Now decide which things are A tasks (really must be done to achieve important goals), which are B tasks (can probably be put off without dire consequences if you don’t get to them), and which are C tasks (would be nice to do but really do not have to be done at all). Now try it out by starting with your top A and stick with it until completed. Do this for a week and journal the results only.

For the 2nd week of this unit, keep a daily, hour-by-hour schedule to monitor your time. At the end of the week, review your daily records and summarize how your use of time helped you to achieve your goals or hindered your goal attainment. In particular, pay attention to “habitual time wasters” such as television watching and Internet surfing and ask yourself how those activities are influencing your goal attainment.

Part C. Summarize your experiences during week 1 and your findings during week 2 and write a report of your findings.

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