Management Report for CER Custom Essay

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You will first have to go to their website and familiarize yourself,cause its all about CER. and as you read the instructions i sent you 2 days ago, you will have to write a brief on CER, and about how many employees are there,and who recently left and if they are expecting new staff in the next period.
second thing you will have to do is to read carefully all the transcripts i will upload.our HRM class (about 30 students) carried out interviews with different managers and conducted focus groups when we interviewed all employees from different departments(administration, analyst, communication forums and managers.)when we analyzed the date (every group) and we all met ,we realized that there are contradictions.some managers felt that they are doing ok and they are happy, whereas employees were upset and their morale is declining and they would leave if they found another place.however,these are the findings that you will write in this report,categorize issues, for example : Morale was a big issue and you will see that when you come across the transcripts, Lack of resources is one of their biggest challenges, the Moratorium and the Embargo. HR is not doing anything.they will all overlap through different have to be selective.and for sue, you will have to use quotation from transcripts,when writing about an issue,you have to back it up.i will send you the presentation we are delivering to CER and you will see all the findings and recommendations that will help the slides that i will send,you will see that we categorized : Analysts< Administration and Managers, and that what you will be doing in the paper so everything is addition,i will upload a table, this table is out data analysis,after we read all the transcripts(from interviews and focus groups) we read each one,categorize them and categorize issues as well. it will help you after reading the transcripts.the Question of the research is on the slides i sent you: assess the impact of the public ...etc you will have to write a brief on the public sector reform and the broke park agreement( and assess how this will have an impact on CER). all these are in the instructions i sent you. you will be familiar just after you read the transcripts. WE ASKED ALL THE STAFF INCLUDING MANAGERS THE SAME QUESTIONS. this report has to be executed perfectly, you will have TO FOLLOW the steps in the Instructions paper i sent you, and i will upload it again.and for sure, because of confidentiality, you can't mention employees names in the report or any of the managers names. and regarding the interview of The Director,we mention him as one of the managers. Follow THE INSTRUCTIONS THE COORDINATOR SENT,THAT I SENT IT TO YOU,I WILL UPLOAD IT AGAIN. you DONT HAVE TO INCLUDE APPENDIX(1000) WORDS). YOU WILL ONLY DO THE MANAGEMENT REPORT,if you gave me the paper before the 14th of august, I WILL PLACE ANOTHER ORDER WITH YOU TO WRITE ME THE METHODOLOGY AND THE REFLECTION(1000 WORDS. ALL WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO NOW IS: 1-go to : 2-read the transcripts. 3-look at the table where we categorize all focus groups and interviews 4-look at the slides i will upload where you will find all the findings and recommendations. 5-if you need anything, regarding how we reach the findings and what i did ,and what are the objectives, please contact me. 6-FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS,READ THEM CAREFULLY,STEP BY STEP,YOU SHOULD LEAVE ANY POINT, WRITING STYLE(HEADINGS,FONT, SHORT SENTENCES,, ALL HAS TO BE ACCORDING TO THE INSTRUCTIONS, AND DONT LEAVE AND POINT THAT IS MENTIONED IN THE INSTRUCTIONS OF WRITING THIS REPORT). 7- you will only write the management report to CER( no more than 5000 words). 8- I WOULD BE GRATEFUL IF YOU FINISHED BEFORE THE 14TH, SO THEN WE WRITE THE APPENDIX.i will work on it myself,if i received the paper on the 13th for example, i will upload another order with you to execute this whole assignment. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU NEED ANYTHING REGARDING CER OR FINDINGS... this paper should be perfect,no grammatical or spelling mistakes. proofread it 100 times if possible. IM COUNTING ON YOU. [meteor_slideshow slideshow="arp2"] is committed to deliver a custom paper/essay which is 100% original and deliver it within the deadline. Place your custom order with us and experience the different; You are guaranteed; value for your money and a premium paper which meets your expectations, 24/7 customer support and communication with your writer. Order Now

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