Managerial outlook outline: Personal Management Outlook Outline Custom Essay

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Due Date: Week 4, Sunday midnight
Posting Instructions: Week 4 Drop Box
Format Requirements: 12 font, single spaced full sentence outline. 2 � 3 pages.

Learning Outcome: Understand management and leadership processes of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling and their use in organizational and personal change.

� Active Participation in Weeks 3 and 4 discussion questions.
� Complete Weeks 3 and 4 reading requirements

This segment of the course has illuminated the skills, talents and abilities of a manager. Fayol�s works gave us insight into the components that define management. Mintzberg has offered ten different roles of a manager. And, we have read and discussed the concepts that are behind the question �What is management�? With this information, you have the opportunity to review your personal management ability and share it in this outline.

Your outline should address the following questions:

1. Using Mintzberg�s list of managerial roles, which roles do you think describe your style best? You may select as many roles as needed to best address your managerial style. Give examples or explanations for each role selected.
use these ones:
Informative: use :Spokesperson
Interpersonal: use: leader, Liaison, figure head
decisional: use: entrepreneur, resource allocator, negotiator

2. Using Mintzberg�s list of managerial roles, which ones are least developed in your style. What value would these roles bring to your managerial skill set? How do you plan to develop your skills in this area(s)?

From Informative category, use: disturbance handler

3. Identify one manager you greatly admire. What skills were most prevalent in their style? What insight does this evaluation give you as to what type of manager you are likely to become?
* I don’t admire anyone. I think if you admire someone you will try to become like them. But you must be more yourself and more unique and build and grow to make your own managerial characteristics.

( leave number three blank, but leave a space for it on the paper)

4. Describe one experience of a �collaborative team� you have had; it could be from a workplace, sports, etc. What worked well in this collaborative team? What made it difficult?

5. Comment on what surprised you the most about Week three and four�s readings and discussion. Why did it surprise you and how will you plan to use this newly acquired information?

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