Marketing Include documentation of your research where appropriate. Show all work for data analysis Custom Essay

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Q. Go to a large parking lot where cars are parked. Choose a color or manufacturer.
First, design a sampling plan you can use to estimate the percentage of cars of your chosen color or manufacturer. Determine your sample. In choosing the number to sample, determine the margin of error that will accompany your sample result. Then go through the entire parking lot taking a census to calculate the population of cars of your chosen color or manufacturer.
a. Explain your sampling plan and discuss any problems or biases encountered. Describe specifically the time, location and environment in which you performed your research.
b. Use your experience with taking the census and describe the practical difficulties you encountered while doing this research.
c. Compare the results from your sample with the results from your census; compare your results from both your sample and your census with national automotive data on popular vehicle colors or manufacturers. Prepare a chart to illustrate your findings.
d. Present your findings. Discuss the implications for using a sample compared with using a census. Evaluate what you’ve learned.

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