Marketing marketing strategy custom essay

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Answer one question. A full and complete response should include, where appropriate, corporate examples, references to marketing literature and awareness of key discussion points.
i. Explain the importance of each element of the marketing mix in achieving an organisation’s marketing objectives. Discuss the key strategic decisions that marketing managers need to take in relation to each element of the mix. Appropriate examples from a variety of businesses should be given throughout your answer. (Your discussion should focus on the four main elements of the marketing mix, but some discussion of elements of the extended mix may also be included, if desired).
ii. “The concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning are critical to the successful implementation of marketing strategy”. Discuss this statement with reference to specific organisations in both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors.
Ground Rules
? Report style is required.
? Word count is 3000 words (this is the maximum allowed)
? Sources must be fully acknowledged; a full List of References, accurately compiled, is required?Remember?You should write a summery in the beginning and the RECOMANDATION
in the end?Thank u

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