Marketing Research: Objectives of the course Final Take-Home Assignment Custom Paper

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A combination of process theory and hands-on practicality – a written document discussing all seven stages of the research process, incorporated with the execution of an actual student-identified primary data collection mini-research project. An opportunity for the student to demonstrate a well-rounded comprehension of the multiple issues related to the management of the marketing research process.
Description of the Assignment:
An individual student project. The student must identify his/her own research problem (with Lecturer approval –Week 8), describe and discuss the overall seven-step research process in practical terms, and actually conduct his/her own mini-research project, starting with problem formulation and including secondary research and primary research from the research briefing to actual data collection, data analysis and final research report.
Structure of the Assignment:
An introductory discussion / rationale for the choice of his/her research topic and a summarizing conclusion of the student’s research project.
There should be seven sections in the document, one for each of the seven stages of any research project – Problem Formulation / Research Design Determination / Data Collection Method Determination / Data Collection Form Design / Sample Design and Data Collection / Analysis and Interpretation of Collected Data / Preparation of Final Research Report.
It is expected that the document bibliography will go beyond the course textbook (see indications in textbook Endnotes).
The discussion in each section should link the appropriate theory to the specific student project being conducted, noting any “exceptions” to the theory which may be justifiable for the student project at hand – thus providing a well-rounded overall course review document.
Assessment Criteria:
1. Capacity to clearly explain the rationale behind the project
2. Appropriate analysis, use and critical evaluation of secondary research
3. Capacity to design and implement all steps of primary market research
Format of the Assignment:
Title page, table of contents, nine sections, 2,000 words (excluding appropriate tables/charts),
Font: 12 pt; Spacing: double; Referencing and Bibliography: Harvard System.
Deadline(s): Consignment date: Week 12 (hard copy and electronic version via Turnitin)

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