Marriage is Undervalued in Today’s Society custom essay

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1. Did I prove, that marriage is not taken seriously in today’s society?
2. Was I able to prove my thesis? Thesis: Divorce has increased in America because of the negative influences of the entertainment industry, the advertisement industry, and the adult industry.
3. Did I properly include all in-text citations, after factual information?
4. Is there an equal balance of fact and opinion?
5. Is my works cited page correct per MLA?
6. Is my paper free of errors?
7. Are there 14-16 pages and use of 14-16 academic sources, I.E. use of Wikipedia is not a usable source.
8. Is my conclusion long and strong enough? Does my last sentence leave the reader something to think about?
9. I also have an outline, I have included it below for the writer.

Purpose: Outside influences is the cause of marriage being undervalued.

Thesis: Divorce has increased in America because of the negative influences of the entertainment industry, the advertisement industry, and the adult industry.

I. Entertainment causes challenges to marriages
A. Social Media
1. MySpace: The original start of social media.
2. Facebook: Now has taken over as the #1 social media website. People can more easily find lost friends, lovers, or other people that they had previous interactions with. Some of these lost friends may have other repressed feelings of love that they want to return to. Even knowing that you may be married.

B. Movies – Today?s movies are rated from ?G?, General Audience to ?R? restricted in today?s movie theaters.
C. Television- Television uses a rating similar to Movies, where they have a rating system that determines what should be shown to what age of a child.
D. Advertisements ? Local papers show women wearing bras and panties, or positioning a woman?s body in such a way, I.E. How Maxim Magazine has its women photographed with their legs open, suggesting welcome advances, vice what you hear from a parent, that tells their daughter to cross her legs.
E. Pornography ? Is now accessible via the Internet. Men are visually stimulated, where women are emotionally stimulated. This has created a rise in men that have become addicted to pornography. One is Tiger Woods.
a. Celebrities ? Whether it is Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, or Tom Cruise, celebrities have become followed more then politicians, who people vote in office to make laws and vote for their constituents interests. It?s amazing that celebrities who most are actors/actresses have went from being a side carnival act, or court jester to the king, to now people who are very influential to people in the USA.
II. Effects to marriages
A. Divorce rate The USA has the highest marriage rate, and highest divorce rate of any country.
B. Children suffer-
1. It takes a village to raise a child, which was something my father told me as a young boy. He meant that a person would have their family, friends, and neighbors assist with raising their child.
a. In Today?s society, most people do not know who their neighbor is, so how can they assist someone they do not know?
C. Single Parent suffers
1. A single parent has to deal with screaming children, who are vying for attention; parent becomes burnt out from raising their children.
2. A single parent needs the other spouse, or another individual to help assist with social concerns, especially in fighting sexual influence being exerted from outside the family.
3. Less income for family since now, only one parent is working. Which could cause problems, since the parent is now, or in some cases putting their career on hold.

III. Solution to marriages
A. Counseling can assist parents in communicating when they cannot, or have difficulties in speaking to one another. Families that receive counseling before it becomes a last resort, have a great chance of staying married, vice getting divorced.
B. Change opinion of sex sells. This is the major sticking point, which has created a wave of marriages, and divorces. If one can change the philosophy back to western Christian values, there is a chance to reverse this trend.
C. Change opinion of young adults ? In order to start changing young adults opinions they have to be educated on the importance of the family nucleus, not how important it is to have sex.
D. Parents become more involved with influencing what their children are exposed to. Many parents do not actively supervise what their children have access to. I have seen many children with their parents watching an R rated film.
IV. If people as a whole work together, and restore previous western Christian values, then we can save the family nucleus which is more secure, and more successful in raising a family.

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