Masculinity and Homosocial Relations in Moneyball Custom Essay

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You will write a 7-8 page (1750-2000 word), double-spaced essay on Moneyball (Dir. Bennett Miller, 2011). The film deals with constructions of gender and sexuality, with a particular emphasis on masculinity and homosocial relationships. In writing your essay you will discuss and apply the theories of Laura Mulvey and / or Slavoj Zizek, and at least one of the theorists we are reading over the next week, i.e. Cixous, Wittig, Gilbert & Gubar, Halberstam, Sedgwick, and Butler. Given the nature of the film, I expect you will likely choose to discuss and apply Halberstam and / or Sedgwick. You will develop your own thesis, using the theorists to support your reading of the film. Remember that a topic is not the same thing as a thesis. That is, masculinity is a topic; a thesis would be a more refined argument about the construction of masculinity in one of the films. Your thesis must follow proper MLA format and include a works cited.

Personal Note: It is a feedback essay mostly so the only source requested by the professor was The Norton Anthology Of Theory and Criticism, Second Edition. No further sources are needed.

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