Mater Family Nurse Practitioner in order to do this paper: What benefits does coaching and mentoring have in overall patient outcomes Custom Paper

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1. What benefits does coaching and mentoring have in overall patient outcomes? Answer with 3-4 sentences max.

2 and 3 . review and comment on the discussion question responses posted by at least two of your peers. 3-4 sentences max for each peer.
Peer 1 : Her name is Dawn: Coaching and Mentoring
I truly believe that coaching and mentoring should be a core competency of graduate nurses. Besides learning consistently throughout pages from different books, it is always best to view the skills of an expert in the field of practice. The author Hamric and collaborates defined coaching as a safe passage of information from one recipient to another (Hamric et al, 2013). Coaching in means can be a transition of information to be directly or indirectly transferred to another person practicing in the same field (Hamric et al, 2013). An expert has acquired a great amount of practiced skills that are extremely essential to enhance the knowledge of a novice practitioner (Hamric et al, 2013).
Mentor was first defined in the time of Odysseys as �surrogate who cared and watched over Odyssey�s son during war (Harrington, 2009). The job of the mentor during the period when Ulysse went to war was to teach, coach, and train Ulysse�s son (Telemachus) for his future role as a king (Harrington, 2009). Mentoring was defined by the author Harrington as �a voluntary, intense, committed, extended, dynamic, interactive, supportive, a trusting relationship between two people. The mentor is to act as a guide, role model, teacher, and sponsor to the orientee. The mentor at last also provides knowledge, advice, and counsel for a new role� (Harrington, 2009).
A family nurse practitioner would benefit greatly from a coach and a mentor. The better and greater the quality of information the mentor supplies to a family nurse practitioner, the better the accuracy of care the nurse practitioner should provide to his or her clients, and the outcome of his or her practice will become more beneficial. In return, this nurse practitioner would obtain great feedback from patients and more referrals will be added to the practice of the practitioner. Coaching roles that can be performed would be to teach patients the essential meaning of maintaining a healthy life, to provide a preventative care plan to the patients and families accompanied by the patients. A second coaching role that can be performed by a nurse practitioner is to provide collaborative training to nurses.
Individual training can provide better outcome in terms of learning and asking questions. When a group is in training, an individual from the group might feel uncomfortable asking questions. Whereas the individual getting one on one training from a mentor will most likely benefit more if the trainer or mentor remains unbiased to questions being asked.
Please comment on this paper only 3-4 sentences max

Peer 2: her name is Mellissa
Coaching and Mentoring
I do believe that coaching and mentoring should be a core competency of graduate nurses. Advanced practice nurses (APNs) have the responsibility of caring for their patients with proper knowledge. Core competencies for graduate nurses help ensure the best patient care, critical thinking, mentoring and coaching. A seasoned graduate nurse gives the best mentoring and coaching. A seasoned graduate nurse can demonstrate effective skills to enhance the new graduate nurse within a scope of practice.
As a nurse practitioner, I could mentor and coach APNs that are new graduates. I could also mentor APN students that are currently enrolled in school. I would prefer to mentor someone individually, so that I could give the attention that is required to mentor. The best activity for coaching and mentoring a student is to allow them to follow you seeing patients at a hospital or physician office. Following an APN would allow the student to observe patients one on one and this would also allow the student to ask more questions or raise concerns. This activity is best done one on one not in a group activity. I feel the best coaching one can receive is one on one. One on one allows the individual full, undivided attention and freedom to ask questions. Groups often make individuals feel intimidated about asking questions. A mentor will teach and encourage the APN to learn the most and be the best at their role. Coping skills are essential and often are taught through mentoring. There are many different essentials needed when beginning a job as a graduate nurse that are covered through being mentored or coached. Taking care of patients is a science of its own. Mentors and coaches are great assets to have.
The one mentoring activity that I would complete with a mentor to help me acclimatizing to my graduate role is rounding with a nurse practitioner. I would round with a seasoned nurse practitioner on the hospital floor. I would perform assessments on patients with her and review patient�s labs. I would listen to her observations and evaluations of the patient. I would also ask questions of how and why these symptoms occur and what medicine to use to treat. I also want to know why she is using certain medicines and if they are the best for that disease. I feel great to do rounding with a great mentor, who is the best knowledge of patient care. A Mentor will give one the best start in striving for the best performance and best patient care.
Any mentoring activity with a graduate ANP should be structured. This activity will be structured to keep information clear and precise. The role of the mentor is in place and the time frame set aside for mentoring. Clear goals are set that I must meet with the mentor. This activity is best accomplished as an individual group. Individual groups are the best way for most people to learn any new information. In An individual group a new graduate nurse can learn through hands on with a mentor.
Mentoring and coaching are two ways to effectively help a new graduate nurse to feel supported and acquire more experience firsthand. This mentoring and coaching will help make this new graduate nurse prepared for the first position that they encounter. I have learned through my nursing career that any mentoring and coaching I have ever relieved defiantly helped me to feel more confident and assured of myself in practice. When one feels more confident with the care they are giving to a patient, the patient feel more confident the treatment they are receiving. This makes better outcomes for the patient and the nurse.

Discussion Question 1
� Do you think that coaching and mentoring should be a core competency of graduate nurses? Why or why not?
� Based on your graduate role selection, identify one coaching activity that you can do in this role. What strategies would be best for this activity? Discuss the activity in relation to structured/unstructured and group/individual.
� Discuss one mentoring activity you might complete with a mentor that would help you in acclimatizing to your graduate role. Should this activity be structured or unstructured? Can the activity be best accomplished with you as an individual or in a group?

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