McAlpine Vs Bercow: Case Note Tort Law Custom Paper

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Case: McAlpine v Bercow [2013] EWHC 1342 (QB) (24 May 2013) available at:

Case Note Structure:
1. Case name: citation; court judges, parties, date of judgment
2. Central legal issue(s)
3. Facts of the case: only relevant facts interesting for the reader
4. Prior history of the case in lower courts (if any)
5. The cause of action or claim involved in the case
6. Court decision: summary of judgments; ratio decidendi, arguments considered by the court in support or against

the principle, any important obiter dicta
7. Analysis of the decision: commentary on impact of the decision on the law
8. Conclusion: may include own opinion on the issue, or if you agree or have any recommendations, etc.
9. Bibliography (if any)

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