Media Content And Power Custom Essay

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Drawing on students? interests, experiences and engagement with the theories presented during the lectures.
Students prepare for the task of choosing their topic by mapping the media in their ‘personal information space’ (Deuze
2011) and/or that of a relative or friend, ideally with comparisons between generations and/or different times of day, for discussion in early tutorials, by attending lectures and discussing the key theoretical concepts from required readings in the online debates and in class discussions.
Students? research questions are approved by their tutor and the students conduct the research, present a work-in-progress report (Task 2) and write up the research in the genre of a research article.
The final project is expected to be theoretically informed, to make use of literature from the lecture topics and the subject reading list which is provided in the Subject Outline and to employ appropriate research methods to analyse media practice, products or impacts.
Further information:
Please note: ‘relevance of written sources’ means students need to make use of concepts from the literature in the lecture topics and the subject reading list as well as bringing in relevant additional material. Please post your assignment up at UTS Online in the folder provided and submit a printed out copy with a cover sheet to your tutor.
Criteria: Clarity and strength of argument Suitability of research methodology
Depth of analysis Relevance of written sources
Accuracy and consistency of referencing
Relevance of issues discussed
Relevance of opinions expressed

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