Mental Health assessment custom essay

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This is a paper for social worker master degree.

Case Analysis and Briefing Report 3,000 words.

This assessment is in 2 parts so you will need to provide 2 separate written pieces of work.

The aim of this assessment is to identify and develop key social work skills necessary for conducting social work mental health assessments and interventions with individuals and families.

You must follow the word count as indicated , total of 3000 words.

PART 1: Case Analysis 1800 – 2000 words
(The case study will be uploaded shortly.)
In the case analysis you will need to:

• Outline the key issues of most concern to you as a social worker, and explain why they are of concern;
• Prepare an assessment using a suitable social work framework;
• Define a plan for intervention for the client and articulate your rationale for these choices;
• Outline what theories have underpinned your assessment and intervention plan; and
• Provide a reflective account of your own reactions including an exploration of personal values and issues to the case presented.

PART 2: Case Report 1000 – 1200 words
This part of the assessment requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the social work role in a particular mental health practice context.

Using your case analysis from Part 1, you are required to complete a briefing report to your multidisciplinary team or the relevant service.

In your report you need to demonstrate a clear advocacy role.
In this report you are required to:

• Provide a brief assessment summary as adapted from your case analysis;
• Provide clear recommendations for action to the team or service; and
• Identify how you would advocate for the client around the issues you have identified.

The format of the case analysis should be in essay style with a minimum of 10 to 12 references. You may include appendices to illustrate parts of your analysis but they will not be included in your assessment marking.

Please ensure paper meets the following criteria:
1. Ability to complete an analysis of the salient factors and issues; prioritize the client’s issues and carry out an assessment using a suitable social work framework. This includes the ability to identify the relevant theories that inform the assessment and intervention plan through exceptional/outstanding level of assessment and prioritisation. Evidence of the ability to empathically and effectively identify areas of most concern to the client and other interested parties, to assess the client according to diagnostic criteria and assess risk to the client and others. Exceptional ability to apply relevant theories providing a well synthesised case analysis and a well conceptualised assessment and intervention plan.

2. The case study and report reflect a knowledge of the social work mental health role in developing an appropriate intervention plan, advocating for the client and identifying strategies for further work with the client through exceptional/Outstanding plan of intervention developed that is appropriate and well conceptualised. Evidence of exceptional understanding of empathy, mutuality and commitment to social justice in the formulation of a case plan and a well integrated conceptualisation of the social work mental health role. Report is exceptionally relevant, well structured and argued.

3. Demonstrate specialised knowledge and skills of social work practice in mental health using appropriate theoretical frameworks through Exceptional/outstanding demonstration of specialised knowledge and skills of social work practice in mental health. Evidence of the ability to use appropriate theoretical frameworks resulting in a highly synthesised and well conceptualised case analysis.

4. Outstanding ability to explore personal values in relation to the case study and practice in this area.

5. Appropriate writing style for both a case analysis and case report including clarity of written communication, organisation of the material, and accuracy of APA 6 referencing style. Exceptional/Outstanding case analysis of a publishable standard, meticulous referencing. Succinct and highly accurate and informative report.

I will upload case study shortly as well as guide to mental health assessment that you should use as a guide. I will also upload a resource regarding advocacy skills.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

thank you

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