Methods and Tools for Software Quality Management custom essay

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my subject name is System Quality Management
the topic u have to write about it is Methods and Tools for Software Quality Management. it is a Literature Review.
The research based on report that will elaborate a comprehensive literature review of a quality topic which possibly included data collection and analysis.
The topic may be based on actual investigation of research material and/or industry/field applications on Methods and Tools for Software Quality Management
The purpose of this assignment is engage in research, using critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students are encouraged to present and compare the differing (even contradictory) viewpoints of software/systems quality concepts, arguments, methods etc. – encouraged to critically evaluate ideas and make logical arguments and conclusions.
The report will have maximum of 4000 words and presented according to academic style of presentation and referencing.
Argumentation and Critical Analysis:
1. Demonstrates understanding and able to critically perform diagnosis of the selected topic to argue, defend and justify viewpoint using research material.
2. Degree and quality and use of researched material of supporting evidence.
3. Relevance of content and development of discussion/argument 4. Level of research used as basis of argument and/or opinion.

Structure, Professionalism, Writing & Referencing:
Well-structured report and formatted according to academic standard Explain context of the report with elaboration of question, opinion and argument
A valid conclusion based upon argument in the body of work Consistent use of academic referencing style and format in-text.
Sound report structure, sentence structure, grammar and spelling.
• Software Process Definition, Evaluation and Improvement.

the Literature review should has:
– Abstract
– body
sub tiles
plaz do ur best with the report it has 60% of the final marks
I need it to be high quality and deeply research.
it should has different citation
please use current articles to do the research
use the IEEExplore,Academic Search Complete (EBSCO),ACM Digital Library, Computers and Applied Sciences Complete, InfoSci Journals data base or other academic papers or database. u can use book, academic paper, or scholar research.
when the writer chose, I will send the outline.

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