Modern American History

9 pages on Modern American History.Select an event/group/individual from outside of the continental U.S. that is of historical significance to the U.S., and locate a list of appropriate book sources to complete an outline of a research paper. Must not be in any way related to your selection for the Historiography Summary. – Please do it on your own, client doesn’t have a preference.Time period must be from 1865 to PresentHow Many Books Are Required: You must have at least 5 scholarly book sources. If you want to use internet sources, or scholarly articles, you can do so in addition to the five book sources.PLEASE KEEP THE FOLLOWING IN MIND (VERY IMPORTANT… SEE, ALL CAPS):Please use credible sources, dashboard details to the library upon acceptance.This paper (attached) is in APA format, you are doing MLA. SEE guidelines attached as well. The Reference List is at the start of my paper, but YOURS will be in the last page of the essay, ABC order, etc.The detailed instructions and an example of how the paper may look like are attached.

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