Modern And Contemporary Prints Custom Essay

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My part is modern and contemporary print dealers in the big cities.I have to write an essay of 1000 words about my input.
Concentrate on London,New-York,Paris,and Tokyo.There are some useful information on;; some galleries I want you to focus on such as Flowers Gallery in London and NYC,Curwen Gallery,Paragon Press, gallery in Paris sells Picasso,I want you to find and focus more on Picasso and Kandinsky print sellers. is in Tokyo is one of the galleries that sell Picasso and Kandinsky.
Write please about the booming market of art prints and how it affects it’s owners and their galleries in different cities.For example Flower Gallery was first in Hackney,and then after business went well they moved to Shoreditch and then opened another gallery in Chelsea in NYC.there are more examples,please write about that.

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