Moving from the topic of how materials are creating a better world, we see in this week’s video how technology is becoming ever more advanced Custom Essay

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Robots, automation, bioengineered E. Coli – just a few of the areas that are seeing rapid growth and development. After watching the video, I see how these improvement could make a huge impact on society, like creating E. Coli to basically produce any substance that you want. However, there are others that I see that will take a lot longer to come into effect, like the new “smart car.” Since the last videos we watched were about materials, I think that, for example, if we can combine the earthquake forecasting with the shock absorbing material, earthquake prone areas will be less devastated and will have a better chance of surviving than without.

Based on the examples in the video, what piece of technology do you think will make a huge impact on society? Which do you think won’t make an impact?
How do you think the materials from the past videos fit into the new technologies being developed?
Other than the techs seen in the video, what do you think will make an impact?

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