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Part B of Assessment 1: Tutorial assessment Due Date 21 May

Part B: Students are expected to prepare a 900-1000 word (1000 words maximum) answer, excluding references, on ONE of the questions posed below. You should utilise at least three references. The bibliography is not included in the word count.

1. Assess the critical theorist’s explanation of domination?
2. Discuss the argument that the critical theorists’ concept of the ‘dialectic of enlightenment’ is still valid in contemporary society
3. ‘Total institution’ is a key concept for Goffman. Discuss whether it is a useful concept in contemporary Australia or elsewhere.
4. Is Dorothy Smith’s concept of the ‘relations of ruling’ still relevant in contemporary Australia? Explain your answer.
5. Discuss the usefulness of the concept of ‘social intersectionality’.
6. Assess Arlie Hochschild’s argument that ‘There is a socially and culturally structured gender specialization – a division of labour – in emotion work’ (Dillon, 2010: 337)

This task is designed to develop your ability to read texts in a critical fashion and develop your academic writing.

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