Negative views on Older Individuals & How it Affects them today custom essay

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Annotated Bibliographies: To ?annotate? is to summarize key information about something. For this seminar, I am asking you to construct an annotated bibliography of key paper and electronic texts, web-sites, and other resources that are related to your current intellectual and professional interests in Minority Aging. One of the most challenging, cumbersome, and central aspects of the researching process is collecting, reading and synthesizing the work of others in order to determine what research has been done related to the areas you are interested in. In addition, doing annotated bibliographies gives you a structure for rendering this information assessable and useable. You must use a minimum of 15 academic (peer-reviewed) sources.
ONLY ACADEMIC PEER REVIEWED SOURCES ARE ACCEPTABLE. The best advice is to get your 15 sources from academic journals. Sources should be interrelated with each other and the topic you chose. See attached papers for additional info on annotated bibliographies. The topic I chose is negative views on older individuals (65 and up) and how it affects them today in different perspectives.

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