Never Let Me Go Analysis (By Kazuo Ishiguro)Choose from the following options Custom Essay

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1. The passage. This always works well to provide a secure focus for your thoughts and
discussion. As always, analyze the passage in detail, then consider its signi?cance in terms of
Themes and issues in the novel as a Whole. –
2. Choose a character whom you ?nd interesting: Kathy, Ruth, Tommy, Miss Lucy, Miss Emily,
Madame, etc. and examine her/him in detail. What issues do they struggle with? What role do
they play in their world? What do you see lshiguro exploring through their experience?
3. Similar to the above look at a relationship: Ruth and Tommy; Ruth and Kathy; Ruth,
Tommy and Kathy, etc. What do they offer each other? What does their relationship provide for
them? What is Ishiguro exploring through the issues and con?icts they work through or fail to
work through? . – ‘
. 4. We’ve just left the world of Song of Salomon and the importance of Morrison’s storytelling
technique. Think about Never Let Me Go in light of this. In ?ve of the six novels Ishiguro has
written, the narrator has been preoccupied with looking back on his/her past, arranging the sequence of events and their signi?cance in his/her life. What is Kathy trying to accomplish as she does this? Why are her memories so important to her?
5- Consider the varying applications and implications of the novel’s title.

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