On completion of this unit you should be able to: To achieve the learning outcome you must demonstrate the ability to Custom Essay

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Written work must be legible and comprehensible, work may be rejected work which does not meet reasonable standards of presentation, and this may result in you failing or being referred. Written work must be presented in English.
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this unit you should be able to: To achieve the learning outcome you must demonstrate the ability to:
Demonstrate a confident familiarity with the key features which constitute a sport mega event Identify and distinguish the key features of sport mega events and what part they play in the sporting landscape.
Critically evaluate the role that media plays in promoting both a sport mega event and its host community To be able to demonstrate the reciprocal relationship that sport has with the media
Critically evaluate the internal and external political structures that affect the Olympic Movement. Critically evaluate the political involvement in sport mega events
Independently analyse a range of socio-cultural issues related to hosting and managing a sport mega event Prepare an individual report that utilizes and evaluates theoretical propositions to a chosen mega event

You have been asked by councillors in Milton Keynes to advise on a proposal which has come forward to bid to host the 2021 World Games. The Games are viewed by proponents of the bid as an emerging mega-event, and its staging as an opportunity for Milton Keynes to further establish itself as a sporting destination. The proposal is being put forward as part of an emerging strategy for Milton Keynes which includes the 2015 Rugby World Cup (for which MK is one of the venues) and possible further bids for international events in badminton, gymnastics and basketball.
Your report is requested in three parts:
1. An explanation for councillors (who have no specific expertise in this area) of what makes a mega-event, and how far the World Games fit this description.
Guidance: around 1,000 words
2. Brief general advice on the bidding process, the prospects of success (or otherwise), and key elements to a successful bid; this should be based not only on the process for the World Games in particular, but also on your wider knowledge and understanding of such processes
Guidance: around 1,000 words
3. An overview of the challenges to be expected in staging the event if the bid is successful, and – bearing in mind the range of stakeholders whose support may be required – of the potential benefits.
Guidance: around 2,000 words

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