Organizational Leadership: Successful business leaders create a positive organizational culture based on personal ethical behavior, ethical expectations, training, and transparency Custom Essay

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Business leaders use a range of leadership styles, including transformational, transactional, and servant leadership, based on the organizational situation. Regardless of leadership style, one thing that business leaders have in common is the ability to identify and develop leadership strategies that lend to the success and sustainability of their business. In this four-module course, students cover a wide range of different topics on business leadership. Students focus on the practical application of APA writing, critical thinking, and the integration of professional leadership practice at the doctoral level as they develop sustainable solutions from the perspective of a business leader. Students examine the relationship between leadership and management, evaluate the impact and utility of leadership styles assessments, and analyze different leadership styles. Additionally, students evaluate and investigate various leadership theories, sources of power, and motivation theories to gain a better understanding of the nature and practice of leadership. Students evaluate organizational stress, analyze ethical dilemmas, and craft an organizational strategy to shape a successful business culture. They assess current articles, engage in online discussions, and complete application assignments based on organizational culture, ethics, strategy, stress, and leadership theories.
The Essay:
The Role of Leadership in Shaping Organizational Culture
Recent research stated that �[c]ompanies with an established organizational culture that includes strong capabilities for change, commitment to innovation and a high level of trust have a significant advantage� when attempting to adopt a strategy of broad-based corporate sustainability (Eccles, Perkins, & Serafeim, 2013). Yet an Ethics Resource Center (2012) survey found that 42% of respondents felt their organizations exhibited signs of a weak ethics culture with a low degree of trust and transparency. Organizational leaders should have a strong incentive to identify and address any disparities that exist between their organization�s current culture and a productive healthy one. They must understand the impact they can have as leaders in facilitating an organizational culture, determining the necessary steps to build that culture, and taking the necessary action to create a healthy organizational culture.
To prepare:
� Reflect on all you have learned about leadership and leadership theory throughout this course. Begin searching for scholarly references about the relationship between leadership and organizational culture. Reflect on the leadership characteristics and skills that are useful in promoting a healthy organizational culture. Also, consider the leadership styles that promote a healthy organizational culture. Think about the impact on organizational culture of how a leader responds to specific situations, such as crises. Reflect on how a leader might use power to promote a healthy organizational culture and how a leader can promote ethics in a healthy organization.
The �To prepare� is intended to aid in your reflection upon how the various leadership theories and other topics throughout the course relate to organizational culture. However, you are free to analyze other facets of the relationship between leadership and organizational culture.
Submit an 8-page comprehensive scholarly analysis of the role leadership plays in shaping an organizational culture.
Your paper must contain ten scholarly resources. These can be a combination of the Learning Resources used throughout this course and new scholarly resources. Your paper should adhere to the APA (Very important)

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