Participation In Interscholastic Athletics Affect African American Males Custom Essay

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Does Participation In Interscholastic Athletics Affect African American Males
Controversial Argument. (Conversation. )
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The research needs to focus on academic success and personal values, while also concentrating on the importance of the social spectrum in order to evaluate success among African American males in the athletic and school environment. Students that will participate in this study will do so during the 2012-2013 school year. The student participants from this study will partake in a survey at the beginning of the school year. The survey will be detailed, confidential, and ask questions in the areas of academics, social well-being, and personal success. Furthermore, interviews with all physical education and core content teachers involved at the two schools will be conducted with discussions on physical activity and the affects of students engaging on athletic teams. Surveys and interviews will be performed among all coaches and families. All data will be gathered to see if academic success raised, personal social skills and self happiness grew or declined, and if self preparation and pride emerged.

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