Personal and managerial Effectiveness Custom Essay

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Marketing, finance, human resources or international business you will be asked then to identify the possible jobs and career path for the field you have assigned you will have to reveal the personal qualities required at each level (DO NOT CHOOSE FINANCE). The report need to:
1)Describe career planing methodology (400 words).
2)Describe a give professional field. You may draft graphs to illustrate your career maps (650words).
3)Explain, in term of competencies, the difference between the different possible career paths (400 words).
4)Identify possible obstacle or challenges that can be met when processing in a particular career path (550 words).
5)Analyse the challenges that can be met when dealing with an international team (200 words).
6)Draft recommendation to bring advice to future graduates on the different career they could have in a given field after they graduate (400words).

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