Persuasive Interview (Guide and schedule) Custom Essay

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–I talked to my partner what are some of the needs he is looking for in a year or so. He gave me two options: He said he will look for jobs and if he gets a job he will definitely get a car. The car he wants to get is Honda around price range of US dollar 30,000 to 40,000.However, he also said he might apply for business master degree. He told me NYU has the top business school but he will only go there if they provide full scholarship. so these are the two options to persuade him, either HONDA Car or go to NYU with full scholarship offering.
— I order five pages, the first page is for creating a visual aid. so if you chose Honda car as the option to persuade him you might need to do some research comparing Honda with few other brands and do a visual aid. OR if you Choose to persuade him to go to NYU which has the top business program with full scholarship offering you might need to do some research and compare NYU with other schools that also has good business program and may also provide full scholarship program. VISUAL AID doesnt have to be fancy and colorful simply creating it using word document.
— the second page is the guide which also means outline(no questions should be included),
–A guide (Basically its an outline) doesn’t include questions just TOPICS AND SUBTOPICS.
–then the rest of the pages are for the schedule( here is the part where you write questions to be asked)
–A schedule includes questions that will be asked during interview. (make sure to include primary and probing questions…..also include more open-ended questions than close-ended questions) *(make necessary adjustments for these types of questions….because for our previous interview such as informational interview and employment interview ,our professors wants us to have primary questions and probing questions and have more open-ended questions that close-ended questions, However, she didint really specify which types of questions we need to use for this interview and i absolutely have not conducted any persuasive interview so i really dont know what type of questions to use)
——————–I will also send six documents in my personalized order tracking area :The FIRST document is the overview of the persuasive interview( the file that says persuasive interview grading rubric). Just read the part that says “For R”. These are the things that professors are looking for in this interview. ALSO,Please include a brief short paragraph of opening and closing on the outline page…….The SECOND document( the file that says options for persuasive interview) is just for you to choose ONE of the options (optionA and Option B on the first two slides) for constructing this interview depending on which options you choose ( the option i said earlier :car or NYU) ……….The THIRD document(the file the says option A and B) is the SAME as the second document but might be more detailed so please take a look at that………The FOURTH document ( the file that says the closing) is just showing us how we should close a persuasive interview. so MAYBE take this into account when you write the closing. The FIFTH document(the file that says student generated cases for persuasive interview) is just something for you to look at what cases other students generated, some people decide to persuade other into buying insurance. YOU DONT have to write up cases.
— Also its a ten minutes long questions so the professors want us to make sure we have enough questions—————————————————————————– Also, I dont think you need to cite any source besides you might take some information off car website or school website.———————-
Thanks!! hope the descriptions above are clear, if not contact me or email me.
—————————————————————-also, i am a non-native speaker, so try not to include complicated sentences or vocabularies. MAYBE level in between non-native speaker and native-speaker. ( I will also include my previous interview guide and schedule to show you the format and the language style)

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